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The target area collects and purchases unneeded items around Shimada City.

We can respond to requests for disposal of disused items for a new life, and for items that you do not plan to use but can still be used, so you want to purchase them. We accept requests mainly for Shimada City, Kikugawa City, Kakegawa City, Fukuroi City, etc. in the western and central parts of Shizuoka Prefecture. We purchase a wide variety of items, from bags and wallets to antiques, fine arts, and music equipment of various genres. Business trip expenses will be incurred outside the target area, but business trip expenses can be used free of charge in nearby target areas such as Shimada City.

ntroducing past purchase results around Shimada City with images

We will introduce the purchase cases of disused items around Shimada City that you have requested so far, along with images. There are also cases of purchasing maniac items such as wallets, bags and other branded items, music equipment such as amplifiers, and rare items such as whale teeth. Please show us the item before it is judged that it cannot be sold. If it is in the target area, there is no business trip fee and we accept a free quote. We accept requests in the western and central areas of Shizuoka, centering on Shimada City, in close contact with the community so that we can provide prompt and courteous service.

We provide a purchase service in Shimada City that is close to your daily life.

Aiming for a service that customers can use with peace of mind at any time, we also post an introduction in our blog article about the daily situation and the content of the service. We would like to meet the needs of our customers by making the best use of our experience in collecting and purchasing all kinds of disused items in Shimada City. Please use the assessment and quotation once for any items such as antique art, sports equipment, branded items, as well as oversized garbage, furniture, home appliances and other disused items. We will strive to support our daily lives by developing a high-quality purchase and collection service that meets expectations in Shimada City.

You can feel free to purchase disused items around Shimada City in the target area.

You can collect various items such as household appliances, electrical equipment, furniture and antiques. Even items that are normally difficult to dispose of may be disposed of at an additional cost, so please feel free to contact us. Within the service area, we will quickly collect and dispose of multiple items in a light van as much as you want. Items that require a recycling fee may require an additional fee, but collection costs are free for items other than the applicable items, and business trip costs are also free for items within the applicable area, so it is a great deal. You can dispose of your goods. This service is ideal when you want to dispose of many things at once and keep your room clean. You can easily get a quote by simply sending us a photo from LINE, including inquiries by phone. We have realized low-cost waste collection with a system that makes use of our abundant reuse experience.

We also support business trip purchases and collect unneeded items around Shimada City.

You can easily dispose of items that you no longer need, such as disposing of disused items while you are at home or making assessments using LINE. We also accept items such as home appliances, furniture, bags, wallets, etc. that "there is a price for such items". We can respond to requests such as wanting to dispose of unneeded items at once to make the room cleaner, or wanting to dispose of things that did not accompany the move at once. At present, we cannot handle cleaning up at large stores and companies, but we are able to collect unneeded items at low cost because we are operating with a small number of elite people without spending money on advertising. In addition, the reuse know-how and network that we have cultivated so far can be used to dispose of even more profitable disused items with our unique system. We will flexibly handle from one item to a large number of items, as well as maniac items.

You can easily request the collection and purchase of disused items in Shimada City without any hassle.

You can dispose of items that you want to do something about, but are difficult to deal with, without any effort. Bags and wallets, sports equipment, musical instruments, audio equipment, etc. that are no longer used may occupy the space in the room. Things that are no longer needed can be very valuable. Not only branded goods that everyone knows, but also "Is this worth it?" Can have unexpected value. In addition, we also accept maniac items, even if they are not of high value. In some cases, we have taken over a large number of unused razor blades, tea charcoal, whale teeth, and AEDs with dead batteries. We also support simple assessments such as calling and sending images via LINE.